Saturday, September 17, 2011

The area

The first years there wasn't much in the surrounding area. I really wonder what the life of a cast member must have been like. In 2000, Val d'Europe opened in Serris, a gigantic commercial center. It continues to expand.
Over the past few years the area has changed so much, I hardly recognize it. Loads and loads of houses and apartments continue being build, there are schools, university, medical centers, supermarkets, banks. Everything and anything really.
The Pep's bus I take is number 34. It goes from Val d'Europe to Chessy (and the other way around) and goes through the villages of Serris, Bailly-Romainvilliers and Magny-Le-Hongre. It used to feel like a cast member bus, but nowadays all kinds of people take this bus. Heck, I remember having to walk from Les Pleïades to Val d'Europe!


  1. You wonder how life for a CM was back in the day without any good shopping or activities nearby. Well it was kind of tiring in 1997. At Les Pleiades there only was a bakery in the morning, and we had a vendingmachine in the receptionbuilding. That was it. Oh no, I forgot, there was a fax as well.
    We did our shopping at Torcy, which was a terrible depressing place. But it had a MacD. :-)
    Sometimes we went to Bailly and a large shopping centre. Can't remember where that was. Of course, everywhere we went we had to use at least two types of public transport...

    When I went back to the PLeiades, about 6 years ago I was amazed to see al the changes in the area. Life must be easier now as a CM. The Pleiades have changed as well, partly not in its advantage. Man, I was shocked to see the state it was in.
    One thing was cool. At the moment we paid Les PLeiades a visit, the cleaner was at work. I explained that I used to be a CM in 1997 and that I would love to see my old appartment. He just opened the door of Maya 4 and let me in. That was great. And wow, there is a microwave. One that was promised to us, but never arrived...

  2. Interesting, thank you for that!