Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Signed a contract. Then what?

Actually before I signed my contract and after the job interview, I went to my current job and asked if I could leave earlier. Normally I have a 6 week notice. Luckily they were OK with me leaving early. My lanlord was also pretty fine with me leaving the appartment early, considering I had signed a 3 year contract with a 3 month notice, which is common in Belgium. I sold my furniture on ebay and was very happy with the prices I got. I highly recommend it. Packed up my belongings in boxes and am leaving those with family.
Because I am planning on staying in France for quite a while, I also went to the local city hall to let them know I am leaving the country. Once in Paris, I will have to go to the embassy to register. Contacted loads of companies to let them know I am moving abroad, like the bank, social security, taxes, etc. Unfortunately I do not know my French address yet. More about lodging later.
I bought a one way train ticket, which Disney refunds up to a certain amount.
It all sounds easy reading it in a nutshell, but I'll be glad when the moving is all over.

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